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Our chiropractors and staff welcome you to Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab in Lake Charles, Louisiana! We encourage you to learn more about our treatment methods, conditions we treat, and how we can help you live a healthy and fulfilled life. Our team of chiropractors treat a range of conditions including back pain, neck pain, fibromyalgia, vertigo, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, arthritis, scoliosis, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more.

Our Approach to Chiropractic Care in Lake Charles

We take our job seriously, and feel a responsibility to help you regain neurological balance by helping your muscles, joints, and spine communicate without spinal cord interference. When your spine and muscles are out of alignment, interference can prevent these messages from reaching the brain.

Without our treatment, these imbalances to the neuromuscular system can cause fracture, ligament tear, muscle strain, sprain and chronic pain. As you visit us for treatment, we restore balance that helps your muscles and ligaments return to proper alignment. Not only does this soothe your pain and reduce inflammation naturally, it allows these messages to reach your brain without interference. This results in a healthier body, stronger immune system, and balanced nerve system.

Conditions We Treat

Come in and see us for effective and non-invasive treatment of the following: 

  • Back pain - We can soothe back pain through chiropractic adjustments, laser therapy, whole body vibration, strengthening exercises, and lifestyle advice. Find relief from scoliosis or back pain without surgery or medication with our help. 
  • Fibromyalgia - Does it ache everywhere? We can help with chiropractic adjustments and applied kinesiology that soothes your nervous system. 
  • Plantar fasciitis - Stabbing heel pain can make it difficult for you to walk. We can find the source of your heel pain, develop a treatment plan, and offer rehabilitative exercises and physical therapy to end your pain. 
  • Carpal tunnel - We treat the muscles running along the carpal nerve. Blockages along the shoulder, neck, elbow, or wrist can cause carpal tunnel symptoms. Only by treating the whole nerve can you find relief. 
  • Neck pain - Let us make manual adjustments and applied kinesiology to soothe neck pain and offer lifestyle advice to keep your neck healthy and pain free. 
  • Sciatica - When the sciatic nerve is pinched, we manipulate the muscles that run alongside it. As we remove muscle impingement, your pain will lessen naturally. 
  • Whiplash - We make gentle yet effective neck adjustments and applied kinesiology to reduce whiplash inflammation and restore neck mobility and range of motion. 
  • Vertigo - By manipulating muscles and joints that do not function properly, we can reduce the symptoms of vertigo. As we soothe the nervous system, you will experience less frequent attacks of vertigo. We can also recommend at-home exercises. 
  • Sports injuries - We treat sports injuries including torn rotator cuff, bursitis, hip flexor injury, golfer's elbow, and tennis elbow.

    Our Lake Charles Chiropractors Use Virtual Reality

    Here at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab, our Lake Charles chiropractors use Virtual Reality and incorporate it into almost all of our therapy treatments. It's mostly used to help get rid of our patients' pain and it can also help improve balance. For some patients, being in a virtual reality can help ease the process of therapy and rehabilitation. If you would like to learn more about how we use virtual reality in our clinic, give us a call at  337-421-0010 today!

Visit our Lake Charles Chiropractors Today! 

We are accepting new patients now. If you have lingering aches and pains, we invite you to call us and make an appointment with our chiropractors. We will evaluate you, identify the root of your pain and inflammation, and treat your problem so it does not return. Call 337-421-0010 now to schedule your appointment with one of our Lake Charles chiropractors. 

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