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We are passionate about helping those who are suffering where other healthcare options have failed.

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NeuroSolution Laser Therapy

Not only are we packing the most advanced lasers on the market, but the NeuroSolution methods offer the most innovative approaches to healing.

Neurosage by SNA Biotech

We offer the Neurosage software: a series of video games combined with various acoustic and visual experiences that are designed to retrain the brain.

Primitive Reflex Integration

At the very core of all that we do is
Primitive Reflex integration.

Primitive Reflex Integration

By properly integrating primitive reflexes, you’re allowing your brain to function at its most optimum.

Whole Body Vibration

 We combine Vibe Plates with our specific protocols to achieve outcomes such as increased balance and coordination, bone density, muscle tone, lymphatic drainage, gut function, and pain decrease.

Vagus Nerve Rehab

We employ many different methods and modalities to properly enhance and rehab this vital system to improve your health and performance in any scenario.
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We are professionally licensed chiropractors in the State of Louisiana.

there is an answer

Do you struggle with:

Spinal Cord injury?
Complex regional pain syndrome?
Vertigo and Dizziness?
Anoxic Brain Injury?
Chronic Inflammation?
Developmental Delays?
Chronic Pain?
Traumatic Brain Injury?
Balance & Coordination?
Nerve Pain?
best tools. best results.

When you only use traditional therapy, you’ll only
see traditional results.

We believe in investing in tools that work the best. This system of brain and body tools allow us to catapult your results. If you don’t see these logos and systems in the clinic you’re in, you’re not getting the results you deserve.


I believe in giving hope to people.

When I started as chiropractor I knew I wanted to be different. Not for myself but for every patient that I felt I couldn’t help get over those hurdles everyone else had already explained to them. That’s why everyday I will fight to learn whatever it takes to give people who feel hopeless, hope again. The systems we have, technologies we use and team we’ve built are designed to do one thing - get previously unseen results.

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Family cases

Family Intensive Programs

Do you or your family have a case that requires all hands on deck?
You need our intensive program.

Custom to You

Intensive pricing is dependent on your needs. Our team will evaluate your specific case and make recommendations based on that information.  We have patients travel from all across the globe for our world renown intensive therapy programs.  Some stay with us for a week, while others stay for months at a time.  At the end of your intensive program, we will have a detailed home care plan prepared for your continued progress after the intensive.  We will also review this home care plan with you to ensure proper implementation.  
To begin your journey with us please reach out: 

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Our Revolutionary Work

Patient Stories
Customer Story

Cannot recommend them enough!

"I definitely recommend Dr. Daigle to any patient, especially athletes, not only for treatment to injuries, but also to prevent injuries. I know I will continue to use them throughout the rest of my baseball career and on."
Brian Sanches
Pitcher for Philadelphia Phillies
Customer Story

Highly recommended!

“They treat for my son's cognitive impairment with the same care as if it were their own son! He loves going!“
Mom Motherson
Laser Therapy Patient

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Frequently asked questions

Get answers to all questions you have.
What will my first visit look like?

We will perform a complete patient evaluation that includes various diagnostics and tests, including routine labs if deemed necessary.

How long does the therapy take?

Depending on the type of therapy program our patients enrolls in, it could look like:
Basic/Local program: 1 hour
Sports performance: 1.5-2 hours (1-2x day)
Intensive program: 1.5-2.5 hours (2x day)
Wellness Care: 1-2 hours (2-4x month)

Does the therapy hurt?

No, our patients may be sore from the passive and physical exercises we initially start doing with them.

Is it okay after surgery?

Yes, some of our patients start soon as they are released for additional therapy immediately following surgery.

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Recent involvement

Team Luke Hope for Minds - Pediatric Brain Injury Keynote Presentation

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Ranging from a single consult/coaching call to weeks of therapy, each person is different. Having a clear plan and goals is the key to success.

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Once we get your plan in your hands, let’s get to work. Stop letting other doctors and traditional therapy roadblocks stop you from living the life you deserve.

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