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Cody Pack

Wrestler at South Dakota State University

On the weekend of October 14th I was privileged enough to be able to go down to Dallas, Texas to have neurological, and strength work done by Dr. Kyle Daigle. Prior to the work done by Dr. Daigle, I had numerous problems with my hearing as well as my shoulder. As a result, my balance was poor and my brain did not truly know where my hands and feet were located. I did many tests ranging from reaction times and balance drills, to hearing exercises and many more. After a weekend with Dr. Daigle, my balance had improved and my brain was more in sync with my body. I felt significantly stronger in my shoulder, chest, and gluteus. Also my muscle endurance increased substantially, most the numbers were over four times what they originally were. The program Dr. Daigle runs is phenomenal. I will be recommending him to many of my coaches, friends, and teammates. Not only was this beneficial for me as an athlete but as a person as well. I had a great time on my trip down there and I really believe this works. Not only because of how excited I was seeing the changes, but how excited he got as well. Dr. Daigle, really believes in his program and makes the experience a once in a lifetime opportunity. He does some amazing things and its getting better along the way. Thank you Dr. Daigle, for everything. I appreciate how friendly you are and how you truly are here to help us. No matter what questions I have you find time to answer them for me.

Brian Sanches

Pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies

My name is Brian Sanches. I am currently a pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies. I have been in pro baseball for 13 seasons. For the past six seasons I have been dealing with knots and tightness in my right trapezoid. It was a constant pain and nuisance when I wasn’t throwing. I also strained my right flexor tendon this past season which included a tight forearm. I was introduced to Dr. Kyle Daigle at the beginning of this offseason. I was somewhat familiar with the active release treatment but the functional neurology was new to me. When they explained the treatments to me I understood the logic, but at the same time, was a little skeptical. I informed them about the two injuries I had been dealing with and they immediately went to work on me. After the third or fourth treatment I was no longer walking around with painful knots in my trap and forearm. As I increased my offseason throwing I would receive a treatment to prevent knots and soreness. I am currently in my third week of spring training and have thrown every day, including multiple bullpens and games and have yet to feel pain in my trap and elbow. I definitely recommend Dr. Daigle to any patient, especially athletes, not only for treatment to injuries, but also to prevent injuries. I know I will continue to use them throughout the rest of my baseball career and on.

Chris Fackler

Legacy Christian Academy High School Baseball Coach and Colorado Rockies Associate Scout SE Texas-SW Louisiana

Being an ex-NCAA D1 baseball coach, I’ve worked numerous years in professional scouting with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Colorado Rockies. I have personally trained or coached over 250 young men who earn athletic scholarships to play collegiate athletics, as well as 45-plus baseball players who advanced on to professional baseball, six of which were 1st rounders. I can say without any hesitation Dr. Daigle is changing the landscape with enhancing the overall performance in athletes. His sincere appreciation towards the dedication to research cerebrally, physically, mentally, and athletically is refreshing to experience first-hand. Sitting in to witness the observations of his work and techniques conducted on an athlete is one of the most unique experiences I’ve seen first-hand as a coach and trainer. To witness the gains after a simple session of work, achieve in not only professional athletes, but the grass roots youth player and college athletes as well, is astounding to say the least. These are first class men who take sincere pride in not only their work, but you learn right out the gates, they truly are connected to their athletes with building personal relationships. In any athletic field, the ‘confidence to achieve excellence’ will be challenged quiet often do to either a poor performance or sub-par results, and one thing is for sure, the confidence inherited through their drills, exercises, and techniques will have you feeling at the top of your game physically but more importantly, mentally. Every athlete wants to achieve “their performance ceiling” with athleticism, strength, and explosive motions, and for what I have experienced first-hand for over the past 12 months observing these two men is beyond anything I have witnessed personally and this is comparing their work to my 20-plus years of countless hours of work at training facilities across the southern United States college athletic programs, and out practicing on youth, high school, and college baseball fields. I highly recommend this ‘can’t miss’ relationship with these two doctors, for they are adjusting a culture in athletic training and rehab.

Dr. Gordon Payne

Owner of Pro Form Chiropractic, Dallas, Tx

Thank you Dr. Daigle for your capable and practical treatment advice. Today I had a patient call my office to thank me for resolving her vertigo based on the treatments you shared with me. You rock, doc!

Jaden Dillon

Pitcher, Atlanta Braves Minor League

After going to Dr. Daigle, I could tell I had a stronger core and upper body. The results are immediately noticed. The week after I had the therapy, I threw 102 mph on turn and burns which was 3 mph faster than I had thrown before. I also like how the therapy also addressed every injury I had ever had in my life to help me achieve the best level of athletic performance for baseball. If you are serious about your sport, I would recommend using Ultimate Performance Sports and Rehab program.

Rachel O.

These guys are amazing!!! Brought my daughter back from a back injury in two weeks!!! The best part is that they take the time to teach how to strengthen your body so you don't get injured in the first place. Thanks guys!

Jill D.

Brady's Journey

My son Brady began seeing Dr. Kyle Daigle in June 2012. I cannot say enough about how much his treatments have helped to improve Brady’s overall well-being and daily functioning. Brady was diagnosed with autism at the age of 3. We have found many treatments over the past three years that have been beneficial to his overall development; such as dietary changes and supplements, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and applied behavior analysis therapy. While we have seen success with these treatments there always seemed like something was just not “clicking.”

After just a few sessions with Dr. Daigle, Brady began to receptively identify items on command which is something he had never done before and soon after he started identifying letters and colors too. His world began to open up and he started to explore more of his surroundings. He is now able to follow simple 1-2 step directions with prompts. He has become more verbal and is making more attempts to talk. He will now “hmm” along with music. We cannot wait to hear our little man sing. In addition to these gains in communication skills we have noticed improvement in his eczema and chronic dry scalp. Before seeing Dr. Daigle, Brady’s scalp was a yellowish-green color with dry scaly patches and flakes that would irritate him on a daily basis. His scalp is now clear and healthy.

Dr. Daigle is such an asset to Brady’s Care Team!


With this month reminding us of all give thanks for, I just wanted to let y'all know how thankful I am for y'all. Behind God and family is where I place you both! With out your compassion and patience my daughter would not have the life she has today. She was giving up before we walked into your office. Thank you so much for changing our lives.

Roxanne B.

Footloose and Fancy Free...

I thought I was never going to be free of foot pain but these guys did it.

I injured my foot by stepping on uneven ground into a "saucier" that caused injury to my bipartite sesamoid bone (two small bones that sit beneath the big toe joint -these tiny bones are embedded within a tendon, and are not joined to other bones by joints, making them somewhat unique.) These bones have a very limited blood supply and are difficult to heal when not treated early. Without treatment, every step after the initial injury will cause continued injury to the bone. This can lead to chronic pain and inflammation of the bone. Continued aggravation of the bone or extensive fracture can lead to the bone loosing blood supply and dying (avascular necrosis).

This happened to me and for the past 6 years I have had continuous pain. Some of the recommendations I followed by my doctors were to immobilize the foot by using a special boot to take all the weight off the bones. I used crutches but almost fell so I stuck with the boot about 8 weeks. I tried to rest it as much as possible but it didn't seem to help, only swell more in the boot. I used Anti-inflammatory to reduce the inflammation in the bones but that was only a band aid. I tried physical therapy to increase circulation to the area and to help minimize inflammation and pain over the long term. Next, I tried cortisone injections to reduce the inflammation around the bones. That hurt more than the problem and was so sore for 3 days i had to stay in bed. It didn't work. I used a dancer’s pad to take the pressure off the ball of the foot and this helped more than anything else I had tried. This enabled me to walk around every day but I still suffered with pain and swelling. At the end of the day I could barely fit my shoe on and had to bring flip flops to wear at work the last couple of hours daily.

I finally realized that I might be facing surgery to remove the bone if I wanted any relief. Surgery is infrequently needed to treat this condition however; the bone was dead according to an MRI. Surgery usually involves removal of part or all of the sesamoid. I looked it up on you-tube and almost threw up. I went on a runner’s blog (common problem for runners) and read over hundreds of post from real people who had this surgery and were worse afterwards. I couldn't believe what I read and I emailed some of them and they all told me not to have surgery and they wished they hadn't because they had to take even more pain meds afterwards. That was enough for me to decide that I was not having surgery. Then, my husband Richard kept telling me that he wanted me to meet Dr. Kyle Daigle and he could help me with foot problem. Well, I was way past therapy because the bone was dead and I didn't think they could really help me. Richard was so persistent that I finally gave in. I could never walk bare foot-the pain would be unbearable. He asked me to remove my shoe and walk around their office after the treatment. I thought to myself "there is no way I'm going to walk on this hard ceramic floor and be in terrible pain for the rest of the day". After several requests he finally asked me to trust him and try it, so hesitantly I gave it a try. I removed my shoe and tried to take a step on my injured foot, putting most of my weight on the "good" foot and little by little I was able to put the weight on my injured foot. I was shocked and thought it might be some kind of temporary therapy and later on it might start hurting again. With that thought I thanked them and left and went back to work. Later that night I was standing in the shower shampooing my hair when I realized I was putting equal weight on both feet and had no pain. I was not able to stand in the shower since the injury; in fact it was the worst place for pain, standing on that hard tub more than anywhere else. That's when I got excited and really believed that it was not temporary but the real deal! I went two other times, mostly because I was scared that one visit wouldn't be enough and it might come back, but it didn't.

I can't thank Dr. Daigle enough. Not only is he good at what he does, but has an amazing bedside manner. His kindness and caring is only second to his desire to see people whole and healed. I spend thousands of dollars, had to leave the state to see specialists that could not tell me that they could fix this and Dr. Daigle did it in under 15 minutes. You can verify this with any of my friends and family members; they know what I have been through for the last 6 years with this problem. I was just about to a point of giving up when I came to Ultimate Performance and if that's where you're at, I urge you to please give this doctor a chance to help you. They helped me and they are helping people of all ages with all types of health issues live full and active lives. Give them a call and go in and talk to them and then make your decision.

God Bless America!