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Carpal Tunnel Treatment

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in Lake Charles and Sulphur

People generally associate carpal tunnel syndrome with using a keyboard too much, but in all reality, this disorder can be caused by making any kind of repetitive motion with the hands. This is why it's often referred to as a repetitive stress injury. However, certain illnesses such as hypothyroidism, diabetes, and arthritis have also been known to cause carpal tunnel.

Our Chiropractor Explains Carpal Tunnel

The median nerve is one of five main nerves that stem from the brachial plexus, which is located near the neck and shoulder. When there is pressure on the median nerve, it causes carpal tunnel.  If you have tingling, numbness, or weakness in your fingers or hand on a regular basis, you may have carpal tunnel. Other people complain of having a feeling of an electric shock in their fingers that travels up to their wrist or arm. These symptoms might occur while holding on to something, such as a steering wheel or telephone. But you don't have to be using your hands in order to experience the symptoms. Some people get awakened from sleep while having these sensations. For some, carpal tunnel can be debilitating and interfere with everyday activities.

Effective Chiropractic Treatment for Carpal Tunnel

Many people think that surgery or prescription drugs are the only treatment options available for their carpal tunnel. While our treatment plans will largely depend on what is causing your carpal tunnel and the severity of your symptoms, you'll be glad to know that chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, drug-free approach to treating carpal tunnel. Chiropractors know that wrist and arm pain associated with carpal tunnel originates in the upper spine and is usually caused by a misalignment of the bones or muscles in the neck. Because of this, spinal adjustments are often necessary to help alleviate the symptoms of carpal tunnel. 

Contact Our Chiropractor in Lake Charles and Sulphur

Do you have carpal tunnel and it interferes with your daily activities? If so, contact our chiropractor in Lake Charles and Sulphur today. At Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab, we offer safe and effective chiropractic care for carpal tunnel. If you are a new patient, be sure to check out our new patient center. We look forward to meeting with you!