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Types of Back Pain

Types of Back Pain treated by our Lake Charles Chiropractor

Back pain is a complex problem that can have many different sources and other contributing factors. The spine is made up of 33 bones and extends from the skull to the pelvis. Between each bone is cartilage that acts as a shock absorber. There are muscles and connective tissue holding the structure together, as well.

Types of back pain treated by our Lake Charles, LA chiroprator

The root of your back pain may start with any one of those components or be a combination of problems. Our chiropractor will develop a back pain treatment plan based on your pain and what might cause it. What types of back pain are most common, though?

Somatic Back Pain

Somatic pain refers to the activation of the pain receptors in musculoskeletal tissue. In other words, something deep in muscles hurts due to inflammation, repetitive injury or overuse. Somatic back pain is what you feel when you overdo it at the gym or carry a back pack around all day. When you have somatic back pain, the chiropractor may suggest some basic first aid like icing the area, adjustments and rest. There may be exercises that can help strengthen the muscles, so you are less prone to injury, too.

Osseous Back Pain

This is pain caused by a bone disease or injury. For example, if you fracture vertebrae in an accident, you may have osseous pain from that injury. Bone spurs are a common cause of osseous back pain. The development of bone spurs indicates degeneration of the spine in general, though. Back pain treatment in Lake Charles will include finding out what the underlying cause of the degeneration is and managing it. Chiropractic adjustments may help slow the damage and relieve the pain

Reticular Back Pain

This type pain resonates in the nerve roots. Your spinal column encases the nerves that service most of the body, so when you have reticular pain, you feel it not just in your back, but in other areas such as down the leg. One possible cause of reticular pain is a disc herniation. Discs sit between the vertebrae to act as shock absorbers when you walk. When a disc bulges, it presses on the nearest nerve bundle causing reticular pain.

When our chiropractor in Lake Charles diagnosis reticular back pain, you will need a more comprehensive back care plan that includes healing the problem area to take the stress off the nerves. Once the stress is off the spinal nerves, the pain goes away.

Your back pain may not fit into any of these neat classifications because often there is more than one type of pain in play. Our Lake Charles chiropractor will sit and talk with you about your specific pain and look for ways to resolve it. It may take a combination of treatment plans and chiropractic services to get you feeling better.

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