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Hip Pain

Chiropractic Care for Hip Pain in Lake Charles, Louisiana

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Hip pain can be caused by a number of different problems. Whether you have arthritis in your hip, or you are suffering after an injury to the area, gentle chiropractic techniques can help. Chiropractic care focuses on healing the whole body through a series of adjustments, massage, hot and cold therapies, and ultrasound. When you need hip pain treatment in Lake Charles, Louisiana, Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab is ready to meet with you and discuss your treatment options.

When you are suffering from hip pain, it can be difficult to walk around and get your daily activities done. Hip pain can be caused when your low back is out of alignment, if there is a problem with one of your disks, or if you have injured the area. People who suffer from chronic hip pain find relief through the techniques used in chiropractic care without the use of prescription medications.

Treatment Options for Hip Pain 

Both of our chiropractors at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab use a number of techniques to help you heal from hip pain. Treatment options include:

  • Spinal manipulations: When your spine is injured and out of alignment, you will experience pain. Adjustments or spinal manipulations are done manually by a professionally trained chiropractor with the use of small, hand held tools if necessary. Adjustments are the most useful method of treating hip pain through chiropractic care. This will realign your vertebrae, and relieve pressure on the joints within your back. Adjustments remove subluxations, a main cause of pain in your back and neck.

  • Kinesiology is used to improve muscle function. This is done by stimulating various reflex points in your body with laser therapy and TENS. Kinesiology is a great pain management tools that is useful for chronic pain in the low back, neuropathy and headaches.

  • Advice on healthy lifestyle choices is another service offered at Ultimate Performance Chiro and Rehab. Many people suffer from hip pain because of poor posture, not sitting correctly, and even wearing shoes that are not supportive. We work hard to teach patients small changes that can make a big difference in eliminating hip pain.

  • Exercises to strengthen and stretch the hips can be taught to help combat chronic pain in your hips. Your chiropractor may prescribe a set of daily exercises for you to complete that will help restore your hips to better health.

Contact Our Lake Charles Chiropractor for Hip Pain Relief

When you suffer from hip pain, it can be hard to get through your day without the use of pain medications. If you have been suffering from hip pain and it's now causing problems in your daily life, it's time to see a chiropractor for treatment.

For chiropractic treatment for hip pain in Lake Charles, Louisiana and the surrounding area, give our office a call today at (337) 421-0010 to schedule your initial appointment.