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Sports Performance


Increase your Sports Performance in Lake Charles

Athletic performance deals with lateral quickness, speed, muscle strength, endurance, balance, etc. If you’re not performing at your best due to muscle imbalances, we can help. We live in a dominant one-sided world where we predominately have better balance and coordination of one hand, leg, body, or side of the body. These imbalances can eventually translate into injuries, such as sprains/strains, torn muscles, and even fractures.

In order to have that extra edge wouldn’t you want your left side of your body to be as strong as your right? We have developed a program that is designed to help balance your muscles as well as increase your muscle strength through a computerized program that evaluates full body muscle strength and endurance.

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Sports Performance at Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab in Lake Charles

Sports Performance is what most athletes are always striving to enhance by spending hours training and getting mentally prepared for.  Performance is something we feel like we have taken the upper edge on because of the applications and the premise we use in specifically tailoring a program designed for each individual. We believe from a scientific standpoint that Athletic Performance is the body’s ability to generate force in precise movements whether it’s throwing, running, hitting, diving, and jumping.

The human brain controls everything from our muscles, organs, tissues to our immune system, reaction times, thoughts, and memory. Our brains are stimulated on a daily basis by whatever it is in life that we do from talking, running, texting, writing, exercises, eat, drink, think, etc.  The society that we live in promote a one sided dominance as well as everything going straight forward and down. We are creating a huge stressor on the brain by physically acquiring a flexed posture due to the daily stressors of living. Whenever a person sustains an injury, the natural mechanism of the body is to tighten up muscles to keep the injury/joint protected. What happens if these muscles stay tight on a daily basis? We physically acquire this posture which places a great deal of stress on the brain. Let’s consider the life of a right handed person. They will eat with their right hand, write with their right hand, throw with their right hand, kick with their right leg, brush their teeth with their right hand, and probably have more muscle strength on the right side. What happened to the other side of the body? It has become neglected and the coordination on the Left side is decreased or slightly impaired. Why is that? Because the muscles or movements on the Right side of the body has been activated more creating a more efficient dominant side. This decrease or slightly impaired coordination of one whole side of the body is actually a direct reflection of a decrease in function of one entire side of the brain. So just by movements, the brain can become overstimulated or under stimulated.  We have a program that is designed to help enhance your balance and coordination by balancing out the muscle strength on both sides of the body within an efficient amount of time.

At Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab our chiropractors have successfully increased many top athletes from Olympic and Professional to grass root with the application of our Performance Treatment. We use a range of exercises as part of our program including: hand-eye coordination , eye tracking/movement exercises, Vibeplate training, vibration therapy, Laser therapy, Bosu ball, Medicine ball, and Theraband. To learn more about our sports performance program at Ultimate Performance Chiro & Rehab in Lake Charles contact us today at (337) 421-0010.